Christopher Joe

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JavascriptReact, Angular, Webpack, Libraries, Node.js, Next.js
CSSSass, BEM, CSS modules, Styled components
CIJenkins, Docker, Github actions
PHPSilverStripe, Laravel

Employment history overview

Nov 2018 to CurrentSoul MachinesSenior Full stack Developer
Mar 2018 to Oct 2018CentralitySenior Software Developer
Aug 2015 to Mar 2018SilverStripeSenior Web Developer
Mar 2014 to Aug 2015Advantage4meWeb Application Developer, Customer Support
Sep 2010 to Jan 2014Power Business Services LtdWeb Developer

Software development

I'm experienced in building large, scalable web apps using web frameworks such as React and Angular which communicates with a range of different setups for server setups, usually utilising RESTful APIs, and to a smaller extent GraphQL. These web apps have reached many thousands of customers which I’m so proud of being a part of.

I have a strong focus on improving user experience and developer experience, and enjoy collaborating with everyone involved to bring the best out of our products and services. This includes some activities like the following:

  • Looking out for suggestions to improve the UI.
  • Automating repetitive and critical tasks where possible to reduce possible human error factors and to reduce the time required by the team to supervise such tasks.
  • Setting up a standard development environment for a project or team, which helps reduce the impacts of machine environments being set up differently.
  • Setup code checks and unit tests to enable the team to progress their work without as much worrying about coding styles.

My experiences with backend has been strongly focused in PHP with Laravel, SilverStripe and the LAMP stack, I have also worked with Node.js using express and worked a small amount in the AWS ecosystem, such as deploying through S3 and Cloudfront.

I am a big user of git, and have mentored many teams in safer and better use of git, guiding them on how to rebase a branch or cherry picking a change over. I have loosely followed gitflow in some teams, however most workflows in my experience suited closer to trunk-based commits.


Sharing knowledge is an important part of my personal development, and I have mentored a range of people in my career from juniors learning the ropes to seniors and leads who wanted to take the next step up. I have found that while I pass my knowledge on that I also learn how to communicate knowledge better and even get taught new skills from those I had mentored.

I have also set up presentations and workshops to help groups of people gain general knowledge about topics - in the hopes that it will help them upskill that would benefit them and the companies they are employed with.


  • Bachelor of Computer Systems, Unitec Auckland, 2010
  • Incomplete Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), University of Auckland, 2007


Professional references are available upon request.

NOTE: Full resume available upon request.